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Official Website of a friendly IRC Network - the perfect place to sit back, relax and chat. wink


Welcome to the website.

Welcome to BokaIRC's Official Website. BokaIRC is an IRC Network. If you're new to IRC (Internet Relay Chat), visit the "About IRC" page on our website. We're a bunch of friendly people, giving the chatters a friendly cheerful atmosphere for chatting, with various additional entertainment services (such as game-bots of Trivia, UNO, GameServ etc. ) To visit us, go to irc:// . Rules are quite simple too, just as long as you don't cause a nuisance for anyone in the network, you're very welcome to our Network. Peace!


Server Rules

Do not abuse other chatters, bots, services or the network. Refusal or failure to abide by the rules can lead to you getting banned (lifetime, or temporary; depending upon Network Staff's will). We have full right to ban/kick/kill any chatter/bots if they don't abide by the rules.